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Project Management Services

JEYS Consultants understands that construction can be difficult and challenging. The bigger the project, the bigger the risk of mistakes in the delivery of the project. It only takes a small error in estimating, planning, procurement or construction to create delays in schedule, which will lead to cost overruns.

The South African construction environment is rife with pitfalls and the financial instability forces projects to be carefully managed to ensure on-time, on-budget completion. JEYS Consultants’ professionals assist contractors and subcontractors to effectively manage these projects. We have professionals that, in the event of any claims, can prepare all the necessary information for mutual negotiations, DABs or Arbitrations. With expertise in the Energy, Transportation, Commercial, Mining and Industrial industries, we provide quality services to our clients that include, commercial management, planning and scheduling, risk management and training.

Continuous Improvement services

The manufacturing and fabricating environment in South Africa is an ever-changing landscape with new technology available and an abundance of resources. At JEYS Consultants we use this to help shape production facilities to ensure an optimal return on investment.

We have specialists who have more than 20 years’ experience in manufacturing. Our professionals do time motion studies to determine bottlenecks in the production process, no matter what type of product is being manufactured. With an experienced understanding, we propose cost-effective changes to production line with careful consideration to current projects. JEYS Consultants provides a cost benefit analysis with our proposals to ensure changes made will ensure a return, thus negating the cost of the change or our services. Depending on the process, we will consider solutions with our experience in Six Sigma and LEAN.

Construction Claims Services

The days of negotiating a contract or agreeing a settlement over a breakfast meeting are long gone. South African contract administration is becoming more complex and aggressive and, with the number of bespoke contracts in the market, coupled with demanding and tight schedules and budgets, construction projects encounter problems, including claims and other disputes.

JEYS Consultants can assist in providing the necessary advice and services to ensure the manner in which the claims are handled, will make the difference between your projects’ success or failure.

We have been providing construction claims services to South African constructions companies working on power generation projects for the past 2 years. With the current delays and budget overruns, we are assisting construction companies to limit their exposure and secure funding to complete, or accelerate completion. Our experienced team can testify and provide expert advice to ensure DABs and arbitrations are awarded in our clients’ favour.